Friday, March 29, 2013

Walmart Sampling Events!

This weekend......
  • Campbells Skillet Sauces and Milka Sampling Event
  • Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt Sampling Event
  • Knorr Bouillon and Homestyle Stock Sampling Event
  • Live Choice Sampling Event
  • Parentts Choice Diaper and White Cloud Youth Pant Demo Event
  • Pepsi Next and Tobasco Sampling Event
  • Profreshionals Pineapple Slicer Demo Event
  • Red Baron and Pepsi Next Sampling Event
  • HK Anderson Seasoned Pretzels and Cour Four 10 Sampling Event
Events vary by location. Use the locator on the link below to find what's coming up in your area!

Click here for details!

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