Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gaming Freebies!

Free Xbox Live Gold 30 day trial

If you have a brand new Xbox and you've never tried the Gold subscription before - Now is the time! 
Every brand new Xbox comes with at least 3 free 30 days trials.  However, to get this free trial it can be a bit tricky.
1. You have to create your new Xbox account completely on the Xbox. None of this can be done on
2. In the set up process it will ask you if you want to go Gold. You will say NO and then it will offer you the free 30 day trial.
3. Always remember to put accurate information on your profile unless you want to risk losing your profile.
4. To get the free trial you will need to enter a valid credit/debit card number. (It can't be a pre-paid credit or debit card).
5. All account "purchased" on the Xbox have auto-renew enabled.  If you don't want it to renew then log in on and go to My Account and turn off your auto-renew.

I did this when I bought my Xbox and it will work for you.  If you can't figure it out then call Xbox support or go to Chat and they will help you set it up :)

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