Friday, May 3, 2013

FDA Suspends license of Johnson & Johnson

Until further notice I will not be supporting any products made by Johnson & Johnson. I will not be advertising for any of their products.

As of June 24th Johnson & Johnson's license will be suspended from their FDA licensing.  Why are they suspended?  They are suspended because since at least 2007 the residue of known carcinogenic substances has been found in 15 batches of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.  This was because they decided to sterilze it using ethylene oxide.

According to Kamlesh B. Shende, FDA joint commissioner: "There were unacceptable levels of ethylene oxide, which is a trigger for cancer. Ethylene oxide was being used to bring down the microbial load in the powder by sterilization.  But it was found that there was ethylene oxide residue in the talcum powder, which is primarily used on infants.  In light of this, we have suspended the license."

My recommendation is if you have Johnson & Johnson baby powder throw it out.

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