Saturday, June 1, 2013

If your phone says Arbitron answer it!


I answered a call the other day and it was a rep from Aribtron.  I was selected to do a survey on radio listening.  First they sent me a letter explaining what they will be sending me (which I got on the same day).  In the envelope they even sent me $1.  

The next thing I opened was this box from Arbitron (pictured above). They sent me a letter and let me know what was expected of me and what else I would be getting once I completed the week long radio diary.

They also gave me phamplet that explains more about doing these radio listening  project.  I guess this is similar to what they do for TV except for radio.  I have to write down the time I listen to the radio, the station (and it can be on the internet), and where I was when I was listening to the radio.

Then there was an envelope with more info...let's see what's inside.  Look another $2.00!  Then a little page showing what I get when I complete this project. Finally it includes the Radio Ratings Diary. 

This project will only take a few minutes of my day and I will get more for completing it!

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