Sunday, June 9, 2013

Publix Trip

Ok, so here's my Publix trip yesterday.
I saved $35.53
I paid $45.09
I really took advantage of their BOGO sale
Special Price Savings $20.78
Store Coupons $9.65
Manufacturer or Vendor Coupons $5.10 
BOGOS: Edy's Fruit Bars, Fresh Express Salad Blends, Hunt's Tomatoes
Deals: I got Tyson Chunked Chicken 2/$6 and I had a $0.75 coupon as well
Edy's Fruit Bars were on sale for BOGO for the new ones.  I also had a coupon that gave me a free Coconut bar box and I had a $1.00 off coupon.
Strawberries were 2/$5 which was a dollar cheaper than Target
I had a special vendor coupon from doing the Fancy Feast House Party that gave me 4 cans of Fancy Feast for FREE!
I also purchased some Sundown Vitamins (Cinnamon and Milk Thistle) I had a coupon for $5 off 2.  Each was $5.99 so I got 2 supplements for $6.98.
I also purchased 2 EVOL products while at Target. 
I'm sad to say I didn't have any coupons for it. 
I've been wanting to try them and Ibotta had a deal where I would get $1.00 on each one I purchased.
The burritos were 2/$4 and the bowls were 2/$6. I purchased one of each so that's $5 - $2 = $3.
I now have over the required $5 balance to withdraw to my PayPal.
 However, I'm 1 item away from earing the June Quick Start Bonus which is $1.00, for redeeming 3 offers before June 15th. 
What I will do is go to 7-11 where they have some store Extras: Simply Juice earn $0.50, Coke Zero earn $0.25, Vitamin Water earn $0.50, Gold Peak Tea earn $0.25. 
If I redeem all 4 I would get an extra $2.00 bonus for the 7-11 Coca-Cola Bonus
Plus if I use my card I have registered with Plink and I spend $10 I earn 100 Plink Points!
Ibotta - Earn money on purchases and have rebates sent directly to your PayPal account.
Plink - Earn points from regular purchases and turn them into Gift Cards for as little as 500 points.
Click Above to Sign up for either service.
The trick to get the best out of these programs is to only buy things you would normally be buying.  Don't buy stuff you won't use or you don't need because then you aren't saving anything.

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